My Last Post Here

Narcissism is no longer a part of my life.  Since my spiritual awakening in October of 2014, I have come a very very long way.

After leaving my home and life behind in November of 2014, I moved into a new apartment in the University District of Seattle and went into a deep and profound period of introspection, spiritual practice, and emotional healing.  Then I sold everything and left my life behind again.

In March of 2015 I started living as a homeless man on the streets of Seattle, freely sharing the secrets of enlightenment with all those who were interested.  You can read about this phase of my journey at  It was an incredible period of spiritual growth.

After two months of living the homeless life, it became apparent that I could not really help anyone who didn’t want help; that all I could really do was to continue to deepen into my own journey and become the spaciousness in which others could explore their own truths.

Eventually I left the streets of Seattle and moved to Florida to be with family and start over again.  Since being in Florida I have met a wonderful awakened woman, returned to work as a security professional, and become a part time spiritual teacher.

All of my teachings can be found on my newest website,  My primary focus is on teaching the spiritual sciences of self-realization; as described in the ancient wisdom traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism, and many others.

The bottom line – when I began my journey by trying to find ‘a more authentic me’, I began stripping away all of the layers of conditioning and confusion that had kept me trapped in a false sense of self.  This search for the ‘I’ within is very much in alignment with what all of the ancient wisdom traditions actually teach – leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Whether you choose to believe the truth or depth of healing that has occurred in my life is entirely irrelevant.  It is all real – and all quite wonderful.  What matters most to me now is helping others find their way out of suffering; into and beyond the concept of enlightenment – or to, at the very least, show them how to lessen their emotional burdens.

Spiritual healing is truly the only way to escape the bonds of narcissism, and every other mental illness that arises from the misconception of a separate individual self who sees their thoughts as real.  You may not agree – and that is fine, but the truth is still the truth nonetheless.  For those who are interested, the truth awaits…

Learn More:

Want to understand the basics?  Watch Bradley’s video “The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment” on Youtube.



The True Nature of Enlightenment

It has been some time since my last post.  For the past month my journey has continued to deepen.  I have now passed fully through the eye of enlightenment, only to find that there is no such thing – there is only our natural state of being – and a return to it.  This post is just to summarize a few basic observations on the nature of reality.

Human beings are part of a larger cosmic expression – one beyond our comprehension. Yet within this great unknowable we find all that we truly need to know. It is love…

It is love and we are of it. All things are of it. The very nature of our reality is an expression of love, told in the language of science. Where science fails to shine its light, spirituality emerges to push us beyond dogma and belief.

If we express the nature of all matter in terms of love, and we evaluate all science as the language of love, we can then explain the nature of quantum fluctuation, the fact that lights travels as both a wave and a particle, dark matter and dark energy, how the Higgs field IS the expression of love breathing life into all things.

As we move past the nature of our own disbelief, we can also begin to see that matter, in all its forms, both conscious and unconscious, exists to serve a purpose. A blade of grass is a blade of grass. A dog is a dog. A person is a person. Each is an expression of love given form to serve a purpose.

Unfortunately we as human beings have created an imaginary world that separates us from everything that we truly are. The world we’ve created has now placed the entire planet in jeopardy. We have altered the balance of nature. We must now correct our ways and return to our true selves.

The planet is calling out – crying out – to humanity, to awaken. Every human being is being given insights into his or her own individual path. If there are 7.3 billion people on this planet, then there are 7.3 billion paths to true oneness.

Oneness is our true nature – oneness with all things, in love with all things, ourselves an expression of love. As we leave behind the illusion of who we think we are in this world that we’ve created for ourselves, we begin to find a much more natural way of being.

Within that nature of being, is genuine love and kindness, patience, understanding – and more. It is the sweet hand of god caressing us with love – in the moment, as the moment itself unfolds. When we truly love ourselves, we love everyone and everything – we ARE everyone and everything!

Letting go of thought is no easy thing since it is not thought itself that is the problem. It is the misunderstanding of feelings. We sense a feeling, we associate it with our history, we remind ourselves of that history, and then we react accordingly.

Breaking free of thought requires that we let go of our history – and that means facing ourselves at the deepest parts of our being. None of us can shrink from this reality. We are all under-going the change now. It will continue – and more and more of us will see the folly of things. But we cannot hide.

We must create a balance for ourselves as we follow our own paths. We must confront ourselves and move past ourselves, but we must also love ourselves in the process. This is a difficult balance to strike – it can also lead to a great deal of confusion.

Trust is the only thing I have to offer… trust yourself!  More to come on this delicate subject…

Birthchart of the Free Lion of Love

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of time into understanding what it means to be a Leo of my particular type (meaning my entire astrological energy pattern at birth).  I still have a lot to learn, but here is my chart.  More to come later…


What I’m reading now:

Leo: Sun Sign Series:

Leo: The New Astrology:

AstroCoaching for Leo:

My goal is to build a roadmap for how to exist in the highest possible state of loving Leoness…  and to follow this roadmap for as long as it serves the path of oneness laid before me.

Embracing Your Sign

Here’s another profound revelation.

After continuing to follow my path – and understanding our nature as energetic beings, I’ve now been made very aware that the roadmap for life – to truly explore the fullness of the expression of oneness that we are, lies in our birth signs.  I never believed in any of this stuff – but now I know that it is true!

There were contracts made at the time of our birth – and they spell out a big part of our purpose for being here.  It’s not just our sign though – it’s all parts of the astrological makeup that dominates our core energy pattern.  By embracing the best qualities of our sign and ourselves, and setting aside those parts that keep us trapped in lower energetic harmonies, we have the opportunity to live life as the very best version of ourselves – as the spirit within us!

In this life my spirit has manifested as a Leo.  My narcissism was an error of interpretation, born from a problem in my childhood.  But to be a loving Leo – and to embrace the fullness of passion and fire that I am, that is the key.  To also recognize my hubris and my self-centered preoccupation – so that I can continue to evolve beyond these limitations and continue to move more towards the loving lion.

I’m just sharing this because it is a powerful realization that holds an important key for each person and their path!

Status Update: Energy and Vibration Studies

At this stage in my journey I am spending time looking deeply into the nature of light, energy, and harmonics.

These three things, in combination with the study of other things like: the pineal gland, the energy chakras of the body, quantum super-positioning, quantum entanglement, the nature of the Higgs-field, use of the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the universal application of the Fibonacci sequence, etc; all combined with the raw power of intentionality are of striking interest and curiosity to me now.

My general belief now is that my enlightenment experience was the final stage of activation for the pineal glad, based on brain chemistry alterations made as I was working to let go of attachment to thoughts and stories told by the egoic mind.

The entire process of awakening is about feeling the energetic vibrations of our inner being and working to free it from our egos.  This is were neuroplasticity and cellular modification occur…  Once enough change has occurred, the pineal kicks in fully.

Interestingly enough, the pineal is cone shaped and includes a number of rod-like structures that would be appropriate if vibratory frequency modulation and harmonics played a part.  The pineal has also been called ‘the seat of the soul’ since the beginning of primitive human culture…

There’s a lot more here, but just as an overall update, my entire journey is now one of inner exploration and taking things to the next level, and the next after that, and the next after that as well.   This is a truly amazing journey and a gift from the oneness itself!


Ohhh my dear readers…  The joke is on me after all.  The joke is on all of us.

I am more awake and aware now than EVER BEFORE!!!

All I can say is this…  If you want to put an end to narcissism – as a narcissist or a victim, than my advice is WAKE UP AND OWN YOUR LIFE!!!

There is no grand mystical journey tied to the Buddha.  There is no grand mystical journey tied to Jesus.  There is no grand mystical ANYTHING!!!  IT IS ALL LIES ON TOP OF LIES ON TOP OF LIES!!!

Each of us is a singular expression of gods voice, of the oneness, of the source…  Together we are a harmony.  Once you touch this – HOWEVER YOU GET HERE! You’ll be able to start the real journey!

Below is a video on narcissism that you REALLY NEED TO OPEN YOUR MIND TO!  This woman is UNDENIABLY CORRECT in her analysis AND her recommendations on what YOU SHOULD DO IF YOU ARE A NARCISSTS OR A VICTIM!!!

For now I’m done writing in this blog…  I don’t need it any more.  I am FREE!!!  And I am MOVING FORWARD WITH MY NEW LIFE!!!

I can’t get the link to load.  Search youtube for ‘Teal Swan Narcissism’.  Her’s should be the third one down.  All I can do is point…