My Last Post Here

Narcissism is no longer a part of my life.  Since my spiritual awakening in October of 2014, I have come a very very long way.

After leaving my home and life behind in November of 2014, I moved into a new apartment in the University District of Seattle and went into a deep and profound period of introspection, spiritual practice, and emotional healing.  Then I sold everything and left my life behind again.

In March of 2015 I started living as a homeless man on the streets of Seattle, freely sharing the secrets of enlightenment with all those who were interested.  You can read about this phase of my journey at  It was an incredible period of spiritual growth.

After two months of living the homeless life, it became apparent that I could not really help anyone who didn’t want help; that all I could really do was to continue to deepen into my own journey and become the spaciousness in which others could explore their own truths.

Eventually I left the streets of Seattle and moved to Florida to be with family and start over again.  Since being in Florida I have met a wonderful awakened woman, returned to work as a security professional, and become a part time spiritual teacher.

All of my teachings can be found on my newest website,  My primary focus is on teaching the spiritual sciences of self-realization; as described in the ancient wisdom traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism, and many others.

The bottom line – when I began my journey by trying to find ‘a more authentic me’, I began stripping away all of the layers of conditioning and confusion that had kept me trapped in a false sense of self.  This search for the ‘I’ within is very much in alignment with what all of the ancient wisdom traditions actually teach – leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Whether you choose to believe the truth or depth of healing that has occurred in my life is entirely irrelevant.  It is all real – and all quite wonderful.  What matters most to me now is helping others find their way out of suffering; into and beyond the concept of enlightenment – or to, at the very least, show them how to lessen their emotional burdens.

Spiritual healing is truly the only way to escape the bonds of narcissism, and every other mental illness that arises from the misconception of a separate individual self who sees their thoughts as real.  You may not agree – and that is fine, but the truth is still the truth nonetheless.  For those who are interested, the truth awaits…

Learn More:

Want to understand the basics?  Watch Bradley’s video “The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment” on Youtube.



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