The True Nature of Enlightenment

It has been some time since my last post.  For the past month my journey has continued to deepen.  I have now passed fully through the eye of enlightenment, only to find that there is no such thing – there is only our natural state of being – and a return to it.  This post is just to summarize a few basic observations on the nature of reality.

Human beings are part of a larger cosmic expression – one beyond our comprehension. Yet within this great unknowable we find all that we truly need to know. It is love…

It is love and we are of it. All things are of it. The very nature of our reality is an expression of love, told in the language of science. Where science fails to shine its light, spirituality emerges to push us beyond dogma and belief.

If we express the nature of all matter in terms of love, and we evaluate all science as the language of love, we can then explain the nature of quantum fluctuation, the fact that lights travels as both a wave and a particle, dark matter and dark energy, how the Higgs field IS the expression of love breathing life into all things.

As we move past the nature of our own disbelief, we can also begin to see that matter, in all its forms, both conscious and unconscious, exists to serve a purpose. A blade of grass is a blade of grass. A dog is a dog. A person is a person. Each is an expression of love given form to serve a purpose.

Unfortunately we as human beings have created an imaginary world that separates us from everything that we truly are. The world we’ve created has now placed the entire planet in jeopardy. We have altered the balance of nature. We must now correct our ways and return to our true selves.

The planet is calling out – crying out – to humanity, to awaken. Every human being is being given insights into his or her own individual path. If there are 7.3 billion people on this planet, then there are 7.3 billion paths to true oneness.

Oneness is our true nature – oneness with all things, in love with all things, ourselves an expression of love. As we leave behind the illusion of who we think we are in this world that we’ve created for ourselves, we begin to find a much more natural way of being.

Within that nature of being, is genuine love and kindness, patience, understanding – and more. It is the sweet hand of god caressing us with love – in the moment, as the moment itself unfolds. When we truly love ourselves, we love everyone and everything – we ARE everyone and everything!

Letting go of thought is no easy thing since it is not thought itself that is the problem. It is the misunderstanding of feelings. We sense a feeling, we associate it with our history, we remind ourselves of that history, and then we react accordingly.

Breaking free of thought requires that we let go of our history – and that means facing ourselves at the deepest parts of our being. None of us can shrink from this reality. We are all under-going the change now. It will continue – and more and more of us will see the folly of things. But we cannot hide.

We must create a balance for ourselves as we follow our own paths. We must confront ourselves and move past ourselves, but we must also love ourselves in the process. This is a difficult balance to strike – it can also lead to a great deal of confusion.

Trust is the only thing I have to offer… trust yourself!  More to come on this delicate subject…

One thought on “The True Nature of Enlightenment

  1. Phong says:

    I’ve read your entire blog in 3 hours, from the very first post to the last. Thank you very much for sharing your life’s struggles and movement towards enlightenment. I really hope it manages to get attention in the google search engine as I don’t even recall how I came upon it.

    May God and Universal Intelligence guide you to your life’s purpose.


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