Embracing Your Sign

Here’s another profound revelation.

After continuing to follow my path – and understanding our nature as energetic beings, I’ve now been made very aware that the roadmap for life – to truly explore the fullness of the expression of oneness that we are, lies in our birth signs.  I never believed in any of this stuff – but now I know that it is true!

There were contracts made at the time of our birth – and they spell out a big part of our purpose for being here.  It’s not just our sign though – it’s all parts of the astrological makeup that dominates our core energy pattern.  By embracing the best qualities of our sign and ourselves, and setting aside those parts that keep us trapped in lower energetic harmonies, we have the opportunity to live life as the very best version of ourselves – as the spirit within us!

In this life my spirit has manifested as a Leo.  My narcissism was an error of interpretation, born from a problem in my childhood.  But to be a loving Leo – and to embrace the fullness of passion and fire that I am, that is the key.  To also recognize my hubris and my self-centered preoccupation – so that I can continue to evolve beyond these limitations and continue to move more towards the loving lion.

I’m just sharing this because it is a powerful realization that holds an important key for each person and their path!

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