Status Update: Energy and Vibration Studies

At this stage in my journey I am spending time looking deeply into the nature of light, energy, and harmonics.

These three things, in combination with the study of other things like: the pineal gland, the energy chakras of the body, quantum super-positioning, quantum entanglement, the nature of the Higgs-field, use of the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the universal application of the Fibonacci sequence, etc; all combined with the raw power of intentionality are of striking interest and curiosity to me now.

My general belief now is that my enlightenment experience was the final stage of activation for the pineal glad, based on brain chemistry alterations made as I was working to let go of attachment to thoughts and stories told by the egoic mind.

The entire process of awakening is about feeling the energetic vibrations of our inner being and working to free it from our egos.  This is were neuroplasticity and cellular modification occur…  Once enough change has occurred, the pineal kicks in fully.

Interestingly enough, the pineal is cone shaped and includes a number of rod-like structures that would be appropriate if vibratory frequency modulation and harmonics played a part.  The pineal has also been called ‘the seat of the soul’ since the beginning of primitive human culture…

There’s a lot more here, but just as an overall update, my entire journey is now one of inner exploration and taking things to the next level, and the next after that, and the next after that as well.   This is a truly amazing journey and a gift from the oneness itself!

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