The Harmony of Universal Motion

Science explains the origination and makeup of our universe based on our ability to perceive in this world. Spirituality offers the opportunity to explore beyond our perceived universe. A complete picture of the nature of the universe must encompass aspects of both views.

First, we must come to accept our spiritual dimension. In order to make the leap from perception to comprehension, one must personally experience the truth of oneness for him or herself. The oneness is not explainable in science – it exists beyond the singularity. Crossing beyond the singularity cannot be done in the physical realm, only as spirit.

In essence, the singularity that birthed our universe is an expression of the oneness trying to experience and understand itself. There are many such expressions – our universe is but one.

At its most basic foundational level, the essence of our universe is made up of harmonic vibrations. This is not string theory as it exists today. String theory is absent of the spiritual dimension, so it cannot fully account for the true nature of these harmonic vibrations.

Instead, a proper theory of everything would, at a minimum, need to reflect the following:

  • Point of origination: Oneness
  • Nature of origination: Motion
  • Purpose of origination: Experience

Motion is representative of the harmony of motion that encompasses all things. It is this harmony of motion that gives rise to all things. This harmony of motion has five key constituent parts:

  • Matter lives.
  • Time flows.
  • Energy moves.
  • Gravity shapes.
  • Entropy governs.

Matter lives. It is this truth that evades us all. All things are endowed with the essence of spirit. This includes all conscious and unconscious subjects and objects as we experience them in three dimensions.

Time flows. Time is a unidirectional flow that remains constant and steady. It is like a river moving in one direction. Time cannot be traversed forward or backward. It exists as a moment by moment phenomena.

Energy moves. Already clear to us is this basic fact. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form. Energy drives all things in the universe AND BEYOND IT! This energy IS a direct connection between spirit and the oneness!!!

Gravity shapes. Gravity is the multidimensional mechanism by which the oneness decorates its universe. Gravity is the tool that allows for shaping and experiencing the expression of self the oneness has chosen to pursue in our universe.

Entropy governs. Even the oneness is not all powerful. Within this construct that it has built as an expression of itself, entropy is a governing force that even the oneness cannot overcome.

More underlying elements will be discussed in the future. However, what is most important is to understand that all five constituents, and their additional layers of underlying elements, MUST be present as part of dependent co-arising. Meaning that ALL experiences in our world are based on the presence of ALL FIVE CONSTITUENTS and more.

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