My Experience of Seeing Things as They Truly Are

This experience occurred between 2:00pm and 4:30pm PST on 27 Oct 2014! It took place at the twin forks river (left split of the road down to my favorite spot – which was closed).  Heading OUT of the area, on the right hand side.  There is a yellow marker on a post there – and a path leading down to the river. 

This afternoon I watched the unfurling of all things. And it was beautiful.

Two nights ago I’d had a magical experience with a leaf. I had seen the whole universe in that leaf, but knew that some part of the story still eluded me.

Today I went to the river. I’d been drawn there.  It was time.

I sat and I watched the play of the water. I say its movement and its form.  It was wonderful, but that was not what I was there for.

As I glanced around for some pointer toward the path of enlightenment, I was reminded of the leaf.

Climbing back over a cluster of boulders, I stood there by a small tree – holding a branch in my hands.

I traced the leaves to the stems, to the branches, to the tree, to the roots, to the water below. I saw the sun and the soil.

And then I saw it all unfold.

I flutter – as a leaf on a tree.

I am with the tree, so I am alive. When my leaf falls away, I am gone.  And yet I am not.

As my dead body falls to the ground, it will decay and become immersed in the soil; breathing new life into the next beautiful moment of existence.

And so to remains the tree. The delicate branch that once held me still dances with the life of hundreds, thousands, millions of other leaves.  Each fluttering – each alive.

This is how we are all connected. This is our story.

The leaf is a marvel of imperfection and absolute perfection combined! Just as we are.

The tree loves the leaf. It brings sunshine to the tree.  The tree needs the leaf in order to survive.  The leaf cannot survive without the tree either, but the leaf is unaware of this – it simply flutters.

We are the leaf. Love is the light.

If we do not bring love to our tree, then our tree sickens.

If we do not bring love to our tree, then our tree dies.

But there are so many leaves… Ahhh, but that is the issue.  As leaves with minds, each of us has a choice to make.  We can either feed the tree – or we can simply flutter.

If all but a few simply flutter, will the tree survive?

If the tree dies, then so to do all of the remaining leaves. The tree falls.  The tree decays.

And then the tree to immerses itself into the soil and breathes new life into the next beautiful moment of existence.

But light is not the only thing needed to sustain the life force of a tree. A tree also needs water to wet its roots.

There is a flowing river that is both time and energy. The two move together.

The moment is to live within this flow, from one moment to the next moment, one moment at a time.

Rivers are water though. And rivers can flood over or run dry.

And water itself has many forms – as liquid, as vapor, as solid.

Rivers can also be fed by rain and snow. It can flow downward from the mountains in falls, adding itself to the flow once more.

This energy simply is. It flows, it moves, it changes, but it is still energy.

It is not meant to be understood or questioned. It is just to be seen.

This energy feeds the roots. It fills the tree.  It keeps the leaves alive.

The leaves bring sunlight to the tree.


The leaf. The branch. The tree. The roots.  The water.  THE FLOW!

The flow is not constant… I also see this.

Even within the flow there are pools and eddies, rocks and branches that the water must flow over.

This alters the flow…

More debris within the flow alters it further…

More dead trees. More dead branches.

These can further alter the course of the river…

And so the river itself is always shifting and moving.

It is constantly in motion. Never solid. Never stopping.

Just flowing through time.

The cycle of birth and death and rebirth affects all things – even the flow!

Even the flow is impermanent.

Even the flow is changing and ephemeral.


It is all an arising and a falling away, moment by moment.

The river, the soil, the tree, the branches, the leaves.


This is dependent co-arising in action.

It is a culmination of all of the events that must come together for something to occur.

And things are ALWAYS occurring (additional story about ‘the web’ from two nights ago)

I am but an occurrence. My life is but a series of occurrences.  As is our entire existence.

My body is the leaf.

My heart is my connection to the tree.

The tree is the world.

The soil is the universe.

The river is the energy.


This entire range of motion IS THE ONENESS!!!

All things must come together as they must within the flow.

It is the same for everything.

No one thing exists separately and independently of another… It is all connected.

We are all connected. It is all connected.  It is always in motion.

We see that motion when we learn to appreciate the moment.

That moment will exist only once and is then forever gone!

This is the slow march of time.

Our lives are but moments.

Our lives are nothing more than a collection of arisen states and conditions that exist only in that moment.

Each moment is separate, special and unique. And can never be revisited.

Our minds fail to grasp this basic truth – and so we grasp for certainty and constancy in a world where there is none…

Our hearts KNOW this! But we do not listen.


And because such things are impossible, we fail.

Our failures cause us pain.

Moment by moment the pain in our minds accumulates and becomes the basis for our experience in the world.



If there is no light for our tree, or there is too little, then our tree becomes sick.

If there is no light for our tree, or there is too little, then our tree withers away and dies.

WE ARE KILLING OUR TREE! It has already been sick for a very long time.

The river flows with full force, but our roots are rotting.

Our bark is peeling and we are covered in signs of sickness and decay.

And all of those beautiful leaves of green? There are but a very glim few.

Most are a dull and dingy green. Many are brown and dark.  Some are thick with sickness.


When our tree dies, and our world is gone, it will simply add to the soil of the universe.

No one will miss us. We’re just too infinitesimal a part of a much more complex dimensional construct.

The question becomes – what now?

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