Moving Beyond Self: A Great Teacher That Speaks Truth!

On 13 October 2014 I experienced a spiritual wakening that rocked me to my core.  All together now I have had a total of five specific and very powerful moments of ‘falling away’.

The last one exposed me to the absolute truth of my existence and the nature of the illusion that is me:


It is all an arising and a falling away, moment by moment.

The river, the soil, the tree, the branches, the leaves.


This is dependent co-arising in action.

It is a culmination of all of the events that must come together for something to occur.

And things are ALWAYS occurring

I am but an occurrence. My life is but a series of occurrences.  As is our entire existence.

This experience left me feeling hallow and empty.  Suddenly I realized that any notion I might of once had about my own perceived greatness – or even the possibility of greatness DISAPPEARED!!!  Standing there, naked without my illusions to cover me, I fell back into this world in order to find solace.

The next day, still back in this world and empty, I was reminded that my therapist had suggested I review some of the work by the teacher Adyashanti.  In the past I would have been skittish about looking at any teaching from any person that wasn’t already known to me, but on this day I was grasping for something to hold onto so I wouldn’t feel so naked!

This post is to share Adyashanti with you.  From the moment I watched his first clip on ‘what is enlightenment’, I could HEAR the wisdom coming though him.  It’s like that now.  I can HEAR truth in words.  Some people just have the words…  this is something I can also hear.  But not this man – he speaks with the universal wisdom that I have also tapped into.

If you would like to understand more about the spiritual path to awakening – and move in the same direction that I have, his videos may be very helpful…  The one video I watched brought me back to my heart again…

After watching a few more, I see how useful his teachings could be to others who are struggling as I once struggled before this entire process began unfolding for me:

Basic Teachings:

Advanced Teachings:

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