A Computer Narrative to Explain Spiritual Awakening

Please understand. The experience that I am trying to describe here is not an experience that can actually be put into words.  Not words that would be understandable by someone unless they’ve already experienced it for themselves!

This is why ALL stories about the nature of spiritual awakening and following the spiritual path are written as stories. The stories illustrate the nature of the experience, trying to put it in terms that others can explore for themselves.

This story is my attempt to help you fully understand the absolute simplicity of what a true spiritual awakening really is. It is not some mystical thing that requires special knowledge.

It really is the simplest thing in the world. You just have to understand the story!

Your brain is like a computer. It is hardware. Your mind is like the CPU – it does all of the central processing. Your mind has TWO operating systems available to it – Ego X.0 and Heart 1.0. However, you can only run one operating system at a time. The mind is a special kind of computer though. It can switch from one to the other in a micro second.

Ego X.0 is an interestingly complex program. It actually becomes even more complex along the way. The primary function of Ego X.0 is to tell you who you are. It uses data from your body and your senses to establish your ME profile. It saves this profile to the mind and ensures that the mind stays focused on being ME. If Ego X.0 encounters problems, it will automatically rewrite itself to accommodate.

When you were born, you came with Heart 1.0 as your default operating system. Over the course of your early childhood, Ego 1.0 was installed and repeatedly upgraded. By your later childhood years you are entirely reliant on Ego X.0 – you’ve gotten so used to it! You’ve also been making upgrades to it along the way yourself – say, 1 version upgrade per year. By the time you are in your mid-teens. You don’t even KNOW about heart 1.0 anymore. Heart 1.0 just sits there in the background waiting.

As a young adult, your Ego X.0 program is humming along nicely. Yeah, it’s got a LOT of bugs in it. But for the most part, you’re able to get by okay. It may get rough in patches, but there are always more upgrades you can make as needed. Around middle-age it starts to feel like the Ego X.0 program is either outdated or contains a virus. Life doesn’t have quite the same pop that it did when you were younger – so there must be an issue. You undergo the whole midlife crisis thing – and try to make yourself feel better, but it doesn’t work.

Some people live out the rest of their lives on Ego X.0 and do just fine in their own minds. Some people live out the rest of their lives blaming Ego X.0 for ALL of their problems. Some people live out the rest of their lives in absolute agony because of Ego X.0. It’s quite sad that heart 1.0 has been forgotten about and abandoned. Heart 1.0 has a few significant advantages over Ego X.0, but one in particular stands out. Heart 1.0 is PERFECT and NEVER requires upgrades!

Heart 1.0 has a rich feature set. Heart 1.0 comes with absolutely everything you need to run a full and joyous life! Heart 1.0 includes love, patience, curiosity, happiness, and peace available at all times. Heart 1.0 is also a multiuser system. Not like Ego 1.0, which just had the ME profile. Heart 1.0 is a network connected operating system that links to ALL other systems! Heart 1.0 also includes a shared memory storage unit where all collective wisdom is kept.

You’ve been running Ego X.0 since you were a child. The real problem with Ego X.0 is that it is VERY hard to switch over from. Ego X.0 includes a number of built in safety and security features that you don’t actually need. These safety and security features are actually meant to protect the Ego X.0 operating system though!!! Its most useful security feature is called THE THINKING MIND! The THINKING MIND is a program loop!

The THINKING MIND is the background job keeping the mind focused on the ME profile. It tells our minds all kinds of interesting stories about what’s happening around us. It pulls its data from the body and its senses, and it tries to make sense out of everything. It uses additional programs like fear, doubt, anger, jealousy, etc. to do this. The THINKING MIND is VERY persuasive!!! The THINKING MIND is VERY clever!!! It’s running right now and you don’t even realize it!

Heart 1.0 is hard to access, but it’s still sitting right where you left it. Ego X.0 and THINKING MIND have been running for a while though. The only way to get the mind to switch over from Ego X.0 to Heart 1.0 is a reboot! Let’s call it a soft reset instead. SOFT being the key word here! In order to push the reset button, you need the finger of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the only real way to reach the reset button.

So in order to start the process, you need to have Mindfulness 1.0 installed. This program can be obtained from a number of different places. Once mindfulness 1.0 is running, you just need to make sure it stays running. It’s not a particularly easy program to run on Ego X.0, but it can most certainly be done! Mindfulness 1.0 will actually slow down the mind so you can see how things are processed. The more you start to notice, the more you start to see all of the flaws in Ego X.0

Mindfulness 1.0 may need to run for a while – maybe even for years. Eventually, if you can keep it running, you’ll notice something in the background. YOU WILL ACTUALLY SEE THAT HEART 1.0 IS INSTALLED!!! This is a surprise! Chances are you never knew that anything other than Ego X.0 was available. To see Heart 1.0 running in the background for the first time is an interesting experience. This experience is called SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

The Ego X.0 operating system will immediately try to reestablish its dominance! The THINKING MIND will throw out HUGE amounts of fear data to the mind for processing! If Mindfulness 1.0 is running, you can watch this process happening as well. At some point you start to develop some flexibility between Ego X.0 and Heart 1.0. For most of us, this may be all that is needed – there is so much joy in Heart 1.0!

A life can be run using both – you just need to keep Mindfulness 1.0 in place! With a continued series of soft resets using the mindfulness finger other things also happen. You start to see things as they really are, so you don’t get tied up in them as much anymore. Whenever certain emotions come up for you, you can hit the soft reset button at will. You start to notice that everything is connected; including time, motion, and energy. You start to notice that there are no coincides, only lessons to be learned. Most importantly Heart 1.0 reveals everything about our world to us.

Eventually it’s possible to reset the whole entire mind system. When Heart 1.0 becomes the default OS, you’ve touched enlightenment! It may still take several more soft resets to keep Ego X.0 from coming back. Once Heart 1.0 is ALWAYS running, you’ve perfected enlightenment! This is the simple nature of the entire process. It’s all about switching back to your original Heart 1.0 OS.

So now you ask – Who wrote the original Heart OS? Who installed Heart 1.0 to begin with and what does it connect us to? These are not important questions. This is THINKING MIND distracting you!!! Bottom line – it turned a HARD CORE ATHEISTIC SKEPTIC into a true believer that anything is possible… Even god.

3 thoughts on “A Computer Narrative to Explain Spiritual Awakening

  1. This is such important work you are doing- for both you and those of us who need hope for the people we care about. I’ve been praying for an awakening for a friend for a long time. Feels like I’m giving up, but I will keep on because you are showing me that maybe it isn’t all in vain.


    • Thank you so much for that Flowers. There’s always hope that someone will awaken to their true nature. One of my goals is to help others do just this. Especially for hard-headed narcissistic atheistic skeptics hung up on science who scoff at spirituality. THIS WAS ME!!! Sadly one of my most pointed lessons has been that I am powerless to awaken others… that it has more to do with each persons time… and that each person must come into it themselves. It breaks my heart though – and is a source of great sadness. Someone on one of the boards commented that this sounds like pity. It is not – it is a sadness born of love and hope – which pity is not. It is simply knowing that a better life awaits anyone willing to wake up to it – and watching as people continue to suffer needlessly because of a basic ignorance of truth. Not that this path is even remotely easy… but it sure beats the hell out of being an asshole for the entirety of ones life. 😉


      • You give me much hope. I will be watching and sending good thoughts and prayers your way (which I’ve already been doing!). There are a few people I care about who would benefit from an awakening and I will keep hope that they will find the way.. and that I learn what I need to learn as well.


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