Which is Worse, Ebola or Fear?

Ebola is very real and very dangerous to our bodies.

But this is not the disease that we should be most concerned about.

A far more damaging disease lies within us already – deep within the recesses of our grasping minds.

This disease is ignorance and its symptoms include misery and suffering for all!

We are ignorant of the fountain of endless love that resides within.

We fail to heed the call of our own hearts.

We fail to see our interconnectedness.

We fail to see that we are already sick.

Ebola is not the enemy. The only real enemy is fear.

Ebola damages the body. Fear damages the heart.

We must find our hearts now – now more than ever!

Instead of fear – think love

Instead of fear – know love

Instead of fear – be love

Love is the key.

We must cure the disease of ignorance.

Otherwise, fear will soon turn to panic and hatred.  Fear will then rule us – and all is lost.

Left unattended, it is not ebola that will end up destroying us – it is our ignorance.

Unless we can replace ignorance with love.

Love is the one true path!

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