It All Points in the Same Direction

Man killing man to satisfy the false ego of man is a travesty beyond words!

Justifying it as the will of god is madness beyond reckoning!!!

It does not matter if you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, or a Jew. It does not matter if you follow the teachings of the Buddha, or if you follow the teachings of another great master.  It does not matter WHO or WHAT you choose to believe in!

Every teaching that rings with truth contains the same underlying message… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Every teaching that rings with truth also contains a message of love… YOU ARE LOVED!!

Every teaching that rings with truth also tells us to love each other… ALWAYS LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Why then do we not heed these messages? Why do we take up arms against one another over simple misperceptions?  Why do we allow ourselves to continue to answer blood with blood in every corner of our planet?  Why do we celebrate our global madness while feigning blindness to the damage we are doing?

Lay down your arms and learn forgiveness.

There is nothing more powerful or more true than the healing nature of forgiveness.

Amongst world leaders and others in power across the globe today, it will take a humble heart and a keen mind to see this as truth. Sadly we do not have many such as these in the places where they are needed most.

Instead we must work with what we have. We must come together to embrace our leaders in the warmth of our understanding and our love. Those too thick to feel this warmth will soon experience a melting through. With love, they will all, eventually, begin to tend to what is right.

Our love, individually, collectively, and universally, is what will set us free from the horrors of war that risk our very survival as a species.

Just remember your path; be it religious, spiritual, or absent of something greater, IT DOES NOT MATTER! Continue to practice as you will – this is your right.  It is why so many different paths were laid out before you anyway!

The type of instruction you reach for has no real bearing on the subject of love.  Each of us must turn to the voice in our hearts to find true peace and joy. This fundamental truth is independent of a particular system of faith.  

So instead of spreading fear and hate in the name of a complete misperception, spread love for the sake of love!


Love for yourself and love for the world.

Love is the one true path!

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