An End to All Misery

We are all miserable!

Life is painful and filled with heart-ache.  It can sometimes appear good, but this is just an illusion.  We all return to chasing our next high as a way to escape a previous low; and so on, and so on, and so on. Misery begets more misery – which creates an endless cycle of suffering for one and all!

    • Our misery exists because we allow it to
    • Our misery is entirely unnecessary
    • Each of us has the power to stop the misery
    • Each of us already knows the way
    • We must learn to trust our hearts

If you believe that it takes something special in order to experience true joy… You are wrong!  If you think that it takes years of study and practice…  You are wrong!  If you believe that the right of ascension or enlightenment is a reward reserved only for a few…  You are wrong!

Peace and joy are the product of two simple factors: Clearing the mind and listening to the heart.

The simple truth is – you are already ascended. You are already enlightened.  Your mind clouds your heart, and your heart clouds your world!

Misery is the very nature of our existence as human beings, but it needn’t be. If honest with ourselves, we can acknowledge this, understand this, find a way to address this, and live in the joy of its absence!

This is TRUE love!  Love for yourself and love for the world!!!

Love is the one true path.

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