A Short Update as the Path Unfolds

There is no intention to write within me now.  No need for it.

However, for those with curious minds, my progress continues.

Much has become clear to me, but in that clarity lies yet more confusion.

All I know is that my most crucial step towards full spiritual awakening is now present.

Following the course of the ox, I have one foot in the fourth stage, and one in the fifth.

The foot in the fourth is heavy and difficult to pull upward and out of the muck.

It is my ego that keeps me tethered.

But taming the ego of one born to multiple egoic manifestations is extremely challenging.

This is where my current work lies – supplanting the nature of ego and allowing the spirit of harmony to act freely from within me.

There is more – so much more.  But this is not the time for words, it is a time for learning, seeing, and knowing; and of letting go of everything…

My love to you all…

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