What it FEELS Like to be AWAKE!

Reaching into my past by a very short few days, I remember writing a diatribe on what it FELT like to live as a fragile narcissist for 35 years of my life.

I was moved to write about my awakened experiences with regard to feelings, but as I wrote, my entire vision became crystal clear!

THIS is a description of my experience of being awake…  this is how my world looks inside now.

For me – this is what it means to be awakened.

It is all an illusion. Who you believe yourself to be!

This illusion is a magic trick played on you by your ego.

This trick is called ‘feelings’ and it is indeed deceptive.

Your ego has claimed you as I, Me, Mine – A distinct and separate being.

This is your ego as illusionist blinding you to the truth.

Your feelings are a trick of sight, sound, touch, taste, and more.

Your feelings are tones, conditioned by the ego, that are attached to each and every experience of your chaotic mind.

To be free – to be awake; is to SEE this as true – to KNOW this is true – to EXPERIENCE this as true!

To be free – to be awake; is to set this aside in its entirety and to begin watching the limitless range of your internal experience with loving kindness, good humor – and a DEEP inner curiosity.

It is within this curiosity that a singular universal truth begins to dawn.

It is this singular underlying truth that finally jettisons your mind upright to break fully free of the grand illusion! This KNOWING – THIS DEEP AND INTUITIVE, UNDENIABLE KNOWING will shake you to your very foundation.

Within the beauty of a quiet, curious mind – as you move from places of emptiness to places of interest – as you watch the entire journey unfold. You become DEEPLY aware that you are not alone!

You become quite aware of these facts:

There is this one within me who watches

It knows a GREAT DEAL more about the fundamental nature of universal truth than the I, Me, or Mine ever could

It does not react to my fears or my emotions. It simply watches with curiosity and patience

In the act of becoming awake, I opened myself up to this one within me who watches

In the act of becoming awake, we are one and we are none, two sides of the same coin

In the act of becoming awake, this one within me who watches was OVERJOYED to greet me!

In the act of becoming awake, this one within me who watches has birthed pure and boundless excitement!

I am learning from it now, truly loving the gift that it is sharing with me – listening to it teach me about the everything

The I, Me, and Mine, have been dissolved as a part of this learning

Within this learning I see the real truth… The I, Me and Mine never really existed at all!

All that truly exists is this body and the one within it who watches…

The I, Me, and Mine is just an illusion – a trick played by the ego.

Now the we, as two sides of the same coin, just sit together quietly and watch the trick with mild, unattached, nonjudgmental bemusement.

Our joy, of the we, as two sides of the same coin, is true and pure and born of love – absolute, unconditional love and patience beyond all imagining!

It is our deepest wish, and your one within you who watches deepest wish as well – that you would let go of the trick.

We know that you cannot until it is your time.  Yet we hope – and we love.  WE LOVE!  We love you and all of life because of the one within who watches.

This one within me who watches and the I that is not I wish to share this love with you – to bring some small moment of joy into your dark and tumultuous world if we can.  Just to hold you in our warmth for a moment or two.  Just to show you that love does exist!

This is not yet the deepest of the truths left to penetrate, for there is yet another layer still.

Within this universal truth that it is still sharing with me, I now understand that this one within me who watches is not one. It is many.  It is all.

To SEE the truth is to fully embrace this fundamental, undeniable fact and to understand that it applies to the whole of the human race – and beyond.

To be awake is to KNOW that this one within me who watches, who is not one, but all, is the same as YOUR one within YOU who watches, who is not one, but all.

These two ones, who are not one, but all, are connected by the universal truth that exists as a sea beneath our doubting minds.

And what is this fundamental truth? Just this – that you are still watching your ego play its games.  Otherwise, you would already know the answer…

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