Beware the Trap of Hubris and Take a Break

This journey has been filled with a whole lot of ups and downs.  It’s been wonderful to share it.  However, I am more keenly aware than ever that the more I learn, the less I know.

Things are at a point now where spending so much of my time writing is starting to become counterproductive. The place I should really be looking is my meditation cushion and Dharma instruction.

Yesterday I wrote about my ‘spew’.  That I recognize I’m all over the place with my words.  Until I actually learn to understand what’s happening – and gain some insight into what is and is not conducive to a continued deepening of my experience,  it’s better that I focus on LEARNING instead of pretending to teach!

Continuing to write is also having a negative influence on the direction of my journey.  One of my traps is the trap of hubris. It was the last if the three traps I was warned of in my moments of awakening.  At this moment, I feel caught in this trap.  Writing here, now, continues to dig me deeper into the trap of hubris.  If I am not careful, I will indeed become stuck in this trap!

Hubris: pride or arrogance; an excess of ambition, pride, etc, ultimately causing the transgressor’s ruin; hubris is often associated with a lack of humility, though not necessarily a lack of knowledge.

In essence, hubris remains one of the two traps (beyond complacency) that I was specifically warned about as the echoes of NPD continue to ripple within me and slowly fade away.

So this blog is going into hibernation for a while.  Everything will remain here – because sharing this experience still means something to me.  There just wont be anything new added for a while.

Thank you dear reader for your time and attention.  May you find peace and love in your own life.

Update:  After writing this I went to the gym, THINKING about how I might cultivate and practice humility.  Instead I decided to look up the video section of the SIMS website and see if the guiding teacher, Rodney Smith had anything to say on the subject of humility.

There I found this video on the nature of arrogance – and it sung to me.  It is so clearly obvious that everything I have been doing ties directly into what he expressed at the beginning and mid-points of the talk.

This video captures, with stunning clarity, where I am stuck, why I am stuck, and what my next steps are:

Thank you Rodney.

This will indeed be my last post here for a while!

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