Interesting Observations Regarding Time and Objects

My awakening was Monday 13 Oct.  Over the last couple of days, I’ve begun to notice two very interesting emerging patterns that I think I may be able to describe relatively well here.

1. Time. The first one has to do with the flow of time.  Or rather the observation of time, or even better put the NON-observation of time.

I used to ALWAYS be running behind, running late, in a panic, planning my excuses, trying to remember which excuses I’d used the last time, then the stress and more panic.  If traffic made me even later – or something else got in the way, all I would do is rage!  I was always looking at the clock – and time was always too fast (good times) or too slow (bad times and boredom).

Now I am seeing a pattern arise in how time ‘fits’ into the cosmic equation.  For the past couple of days I have not paid ANY real attention to time.  However I HAVE BEEN WHERE I NEEDED TO BE EVERY SINGLE TIME I NEEDED TO BE SOMEWHERE! It didn’t matter what my plan was, or how I expected things to turn out – but time always seems to be on my side now…  and I mean it is seriously eerie how perfectly on-time things have worked out to be despite the fact that I’m not really paying attention to the clock.

2. Objects. The other pattern that I am noticing is my ability to find the things I need when I need them.  When I used to lose something I’d run around the house like a panicked idiot cursing, blaming, and raging.  If I needed something and I couldn’t find it I’d do the same thing.  In most cases I’d just give up and start working on my next excuse.

Now if I find myself grasping for some misplaced item or a tool that would be useful in just that moment,  I find that I can slow my breathing.  Clear my thoughts. And connect with the item that I am searching out.  Now I don’t mean this like ‘connection’ connection.  I’m just saying that things become much clearer in that state and I am suddenly able to recall or locate whatever it was I was looking for.

This is speaking to me as: Keep calm, look closely, and it shall appear.

I just find these to be amazing curiosities of the mind worthy of honor and study!

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