The True Journey of the Healing Narcissist

This journey over the past three weeks (and the past month or so in general) has been…  beyond anything I could have imagined.  I am SO GLAD to have been blogging this entire process…

I now have a beautiful story of a man who woke up from a nightmare, faced his demons, found his true self, and then reached for the divine.

It is not the story I expected.  

A month ago I was a shambles – an emotional bag of misery.  Everything was falling apart.  But then I took action!

I fully revealed myself to three key people in my life.  I healed the emotional wound that had created my initial break. I had queried those around me for instruction and strength.  I received guidance from a beautiful soul of a therapist.  I focused on mindful awareness and moment by moment presence. I cut off access to all of my old hiding places.  I removed all connections with people and ideas that could hinder or thwart my healing.  I used radical self-honesty to query every aspect of who I am.  I faced every emotion – every pain – every ounce of misery that flooded through me. I pushed and I pushed.

At some point I began to blossom into something far more spectacular than my original goal of a ‘more authentic self’.

If you watch the journey closely, it’s really interesting to see how each experience added something new – and they just kept building up, one on top of another.

Eventually the popcorn popper became a lightning storm.

Note: Bolded items were key moments for me. 

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The journey continues at:

3 thoughts on “The True Journey of the Healing Narcissist

  1. Wow. Just…wow. I’m in tears reading this. You see, I just became self aware of being a covert/fragile N only two weeks ago (I already have a BPD dx). The phase leading up to and the actual moment of awareness (which hit me all at once like a tidal wave) was deeply unsettling and VERY surreal but was followed by a realization that this was the most important discovery I ever made in my life.

    I’ve been filled with hope for the future, and sometimes it borders on something close to euphoria. I know I have to be careful, but I’m going to be reading everything on this blog because i can see how much of this applies to the healing journey i’ve just started .

    I came to this point of awareness through blogging (my primary blog is an ACON blog that connects to this account, but I realized I had to be very careful about journaling about my experience of narcissism and healing on a blog where many people are N-haters even though most people have been very understanding since my “coming out”–I get a lot of, “oh, you can’t be a narc, because (fill in the blank).”

    But I am one and knew I’d have to start a second blog (Down the Rabbit Hole: ) in which I can document this new stretch of my journey and so far it’s been pretty amazing. I’m both nervous and excited!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s been a while since you commented – and I’m just catching up. I don’t log in here very often anymore. This site is the legacy of ghost that is no more. I’d love to hear how your journey has progressed so far though. When our cup is made empty, we have the opportunity to discover who and what we truly are… How far have you gone?

      Over the course of the past few months I’ve been transitioning more and more into the role a spiritual teacher, teaching the path of self-realization that leads one into and beyond enlightenment. This is the only real way out of all mind-made maladies, including narcissism. You can use my primary site at to examine all of my writings, videos, podcasts, etc. perhaps you’ll find something useful…

      Best of luck and take care.

      Liked by 1 person

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