A Therapist Who Can Actually Help With NPD!

Yesterday I wrote about a handful of useful books and a CD that were instrumental in getting me out into the world again. Today I want to share another excellent resource.

As a narcissist of the fragile variety, my world was ruled by fear and loneliness. At a certain point I became very very aware of my diagnostic match for NPD and I KNEW that I had to find a therapist who had experience in dealing with pathological narcissism.

This is not exactly an easy task. NPD is one of the hardest personality disorders to treat – usually because the entire mind of the patient is so thoroughly trapped in their delusion that it is almost impossible to penetrate to what lies beneath.  Many therapists won’t even treat a pwNPD for fear of losing their own sanity in the process.

Combining this with our tendency to play mind games, prove superiority, and get off on the rush of FOOLING a trained psychiatric expert, therapy is usually pointless. I’ve done this myself more than once, and I just bailed after a session or two – thinking DAMN this therapist blows!

So when it came to taking on the single biggest challenge of my life, I knew that I needed to find – not only a therapist with experience in NPD, but a therapist who could give me the space and the support needed to drop my mask and reveal my inner truth without fear or judgment.

Every journey has to start with a first step, and mine was calling Dr. Patrick Hart of the Hart Center for Mental Health.

The following is a testimonial that I intend to place in a couple of web locations.  This really says it all:

Doctor Patrick Hart has been an amazing guide and companion on my healing journey.  After spending 35 years trapped in the darkness of narcissistic personality disorder, Doctor Hart helped me find the strength to awaken to my joy.  His warmth, compassion, and welcoming style were exactly what I needed to let go of my fear and find my truth.  If you are struggling with an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety on a daily basis – take a moment to be brave, pick up the phone, and call this man.  Find your own truth, discover your own joy, and realize that life is a gift to be marveled at…

This page will tell you what you need to know about Dr. Hart and his experience with personality disorders – including pathological narcissism: http://www.mental-health-counseling-seattle.com

If that doesn’t work or if you are looking for even more detail, you can try his other website instead at: https://www.thehartcenter.com/

Dr. Hart and I are far from done, but since my shift in perception we’re starting work on a whole new range of issues now. This is no longer about narcissism; it’s about living life and finding balance as a newly freed human mind.

The very fact that I am able to say this – TRUTHFULLY, is a testament to the work that he and I have done together and his abilities as a guide on the path of healing.

So this is my gift to those of you who still suffer. Dr. Hart has an established practice with remote accessibility options, meaning where you are doesn’t matter… If nothing else, take the time to pick up the phone and give him a call.

Remember though – your healing journey MUST begin with the truth… If you really don’t care about getting better – then please don’t bother him.  Healing from NPD REQUIRES a deep willingness to begin practicing radical honesty with yourself and with the world.

If you are ready to deal in truth, to set aside your mask, to stop playing games, and to find a better life for yourself… Then he is waiting with open arms and an open heart to hear your story and help you discover the true self that’s been hiding within you for most of your life.

Good luck – and may you find the love of self that you truly deserve… not the false love of the mask that you suffer behind.

P.S. Be sure to tell him that the healing narc sent you…

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