Four Beautiful Tools For Healing

These are four tools that have been invaluable in my own journey.  I wish to share them here.

cover_MINDSIGHTThis book is really the best starting point.  It covers what can only be described as Applied Mindfulness and more.  It also contains scientifically proven data on the healing capabilities of the brain – and will correct any and all notions that you are unable to create a connection with the world.  If you feel that you have no empathy – I can tell you that you are wrong and that your empathy can be reawakened and cultivated.  This book can show you the way and give you the confidence to move out of your own mind and into the world.

pokThis book is a field guide for life.  Even if you do not believe you can be healed, you CAN be taught!  Open your mind to these pages and within them you will find a formula for living spelled out so clearly and so precisely that it will make you chuckle and weep at the very same time.  This book came into my life after I came alive, and so it was a very powerful and wondrous conveyance of thought for me.  I fell in love with it and the author immediately, and so will you.  Live as this book describes, and you will see the entire world change before your very eyes.   Not because it changed, but because YOU have found within yourself a new orientation to the world.

bkyiaThis is not a book.  What’s recommended here is listening to the sound of her own voice, on the first CD, with your eyes closed in a quiet, private place.  Take her journey and see your own suffering within it.  As you listen, you are likely to hear Byron Katie describe what could very well have been NPD within herself.  In fact, she uses the key words shame and rage several times.  But within this first CD, she also talks about her own inner awakening and the shift that occurred within her and in her life.  The socks are what finally inspired me to reach where I am now.

mettaThe last piece of inspirational and experiential learning that I have encountered is really the heart of my own journey of love now.  It is the exploration of metta and metta meditation techniques.  Metta is love – unconditional love for the world.  Love is the cure for NPD.  This book holds within it the cure!  Again, by understanding, opening your mind, and SEEING the truth of possibility, this guide can take you to a new place in your mind, a place from which you can fully engage life as love.  The stories of love – and the lessons on life contained within these pages are an amazing testament to the power of truth, the strength of wisdom, and the healing nature of love. It is filled with a love that can set you free…

It has been my pleasure to bring these gifts to you.  May they inspire you on your own journey and bring you the insight and joy that they have now brought into my own life.  Together, these three books, and the first CD from Byron Katie – they represent the keys that have helped open my mind…  these and my rage that is.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Four Beautiful Tools For Healing

  1. Very interesting choices. I haven’t read these particular one. I have read other of Piero Ferucci’s books, and like his propagation of psychosynthesis, which seems to me to be among the best in healing psychology perspectives. I’ll have to order some of the ones you mention and see if I can retain enough mindfulness to actually read them. 🙂

    Did I mention “On Having No Head” by D. E. Harding before? If not, look here:

    It’s very short, but very profound.

    Also, just about anything by Erich Fromm, but the one I found most powerful so far was “To Have or to Be”:

    Given that the conventional wisdom is that psychopaths / narcissists / what-have-you don’t change, and given that if they do end up in therapy, the therapy only sharpens their skills of exploitation, I wish you’d post about exactly what lead you to a point of actually be willing to face change? As a victim, I did everything in my power to help my wife change. When I stayed with her despite her lies and manipulations, she only got worse. And when I tried to do as she seemed to want and set firm boundaries and call “no bullsh*t,” she made it impossible by using the silent treatment and other tactics to punish me and by making sure that she was the one who always had control. Yet at certain points, it seemed like she was trying to change, genuinely. And at several points, she warned me, “I’m not good for you.” I don’t know whether it was how certain events unfolded that seemed to be beyond our control that caused her to bumble efforts to charge, or whether she was just incapable because she’d already done too many bad things in life, or didn’t have enough insight, or didn’t have the intellectual capacity to think beyond her own nose. She was not an educated woman, but she was a smart woman. It bedevils me, because I really did try hard, and at those certain points, she did seem to come close to wanting to change.


    • Thank you so much for the additional suggestions. I will check them out.

      I can certainly write something like ‘What Finally Opened My Eyes’ or something of that nature. The bottom line for me is I just couldn’t take the suffering any longer… But it goes deeper than that. I’ll meditate on this and see what comes to me. Definitely some value to it though…

      The biggest thing for me on this journey is that it went from being about psychology to being about spirituality over a period of just a few days. Both are still incredible important to the work I still need to do, but my real turnabout is more tied to a deep spiritual awakening than psychoanalytical treatment plans. I really don’t know if there is any other way to do it… Again – I’ll meditate on these things and see what comes to me.

      Thank you again for reading and for staying in touch, and for the continued support and suggestions.


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