An Overwhelming Sense of Emergence

There’s a popcorn machine going off in my head now – and it has been for a couple of days.

There’s a kernel of new truth and old wisdom in every thought that arises.  The leaps I’m making feel enormous within me.

I know that this is just a process, but today – at this moment – I am experiencing an entirely new sensation and I’m not sure how to process it…  So I’m writing…

I feel this tremendous sense of emergence in myself right now – a joyful freedom almost. I just sat laughing loudly and hard at a childish behavioral impulse that popped into my head, and I just stopped myself and said ‘well now – what would an adult do?’

I think my SO is my adult role model, so I may be asking this question using her as a lens…

I also have this conceptual thing happening that I can only describe as ‘meeting myself for the very first time’.

But it’s like I’m meeting the 7 year old version of myself. Like he’s poked his head out, saw that it isn’t that bad, decided to stick around for a while, and just introduced himself.

I like this little kid! I want to LOVE this little kid! He’s got such a future ahead of him!

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